Aisys ★ (lost__emotions) wrote in gui_sized,
Aisys ★

Miss Kathy, may I please add a fellow to my claims list? *bats eyelashes*

#36 - Josh Hennessy - Binghamton Senators [AHL]

Please & thanks :)

  • I'd like to make a claim, please!

    Three guesses as to who. And the first two don't count. ;) Okay, okay. To do it properly: Montreal Canadiens -- Coach -- Guy Carbonneau Merci!

  • (no subject)

    for my first claim in the gui_sized community, i would like to select....whats his name again. oh yeah. claude giroux. kidding tho.…

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yes dearrrrr. i'm on it!
and thank you for inadvertently reminding me to check claims that may have already moved teams lol.

Deleted comment

LoL aww. I know he used to be a Rempart, but please don't hold my love for him against me :|
oh shit really?
i feel dirty now LOLLLL
i lurrrrrrved him in the q.
and he has a yandle accent.